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Kelly Wiebe running to an excellent bronze position.
Lead Pack: Mo Ahmed, Cameron Levins, Kelly Wiebe
Lead Pack – they stayed together for the majority of the 5 x 2km loops.
Megan Brown wins with Kate Harrison in second
Megan Brown and Kate Harrison
Natasha Fraser, Port Moody, BC.
Megan Brown leading
Kate Harrison and Kate Van Buskirk

Jerry Ziak (a master) leads a pack in the senior men’s race.

Junior Men 150m into their race

Junior Men Start, Canadian Cross Country Championsips

Junior Women, Canadian Cross Country Championships


  1. Christopher, thanks for the great photos and coverage of the Canadian Cross Country Championships.

    One thing, though: you describe Ziak here as a “master” — considering that Carlos Lopes won the Olympic Marathon at 37, and the World Cross at 38, I think we should dispense with this epithet.

    In fact, check with Jerry, and I’ll bet he wouldn’t describe himself that way. In my experience, serious runners see 40 as the age at which they enter the Masters category.


    Andrew Jones
    London, Ontario