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Workouts, training, profiles and random videos in the sport of athletics.


Lydiard Foundation Certification Clinic: Hill Exercises Video

© Copyright - 2014 - Athletics Illustrated - Lydiard Foundation clinic - The Arthur Lydiard Foundation was in Victoria, BC to teach the Lydiard method of...

Lydiard Foundation: 50/50m Sharpening workout

© Copyright - 2014 - Athletics Illustrated From the Lydiard Foundation clinic in Victoria, BC, instructor Nobby Hashizume demonstrates 50/50m sharpening workout, which consists of...

TCS New York City Marathon: Peter Kirui is back

Peter Kirui owns a 2:06:31 marathon best from Frankfurt 2011. And he has run as fast as 59:22 for the half marathon. Two years...

Patrick Makau Video – Preparing for Boston

Patrick Makau, one of the fastest men in the world over the marathon distance shares his insights about training for the Boston Marathon. He...

Patrick Makau on Boston

Patrick Makau Exclusive Patrick Makau interview with Athletics Illustrated. Patrick Makau Musyoki, best known simply as Patrick Makau, is a former marathon world record holder....