The 13th annual 5K AIDS Cancer Run Walk will take place on June 7, 2020, however, an alternate date October 4, 2020 is planned if the Coved-19 pandemic continues, we will do a virtual run.

Register online via Elitefeats or by paper application.

The organization is doing everything to ensure the safety of the runners and volunteers due to Coved-19. This will include a staggered start, the six-feet minimum social distance will be observed at the awards ceremony. Water bottles will be available on tables for runners to take themselves. Food will be served but it will be served and prepared in single-sealed packages. Raffle prizes will be posted on a board and participants will show their bib from six feet away to claim prizes. The same process is in place for picking up t-shirts and running bibs. Race day registration will be available but participants will have to register by cell phone. Runners will start two or three abreast at the start and every five or six seconds another group of runners will start.
A new course layout is being designed so runners will be running on the main roads in Baldwin Park. We all know it is up to the state and local jurisdictions who will make the final decision, but Nassau Parks will be opened eventually and why not start with running events.

“We are not a contact sport and we use only our own running gear. We do not tackle or look to take the ball or puck or tag a player out like in football, basketball, soccer, hockey or baseball.”

Bob Koenig will be singing the national anthem.
“Some of you may know I am the only person in the world who runs marathons who is living with HIV and brain cancer. I look at life a little differently than most people. When people say NO, I like to think WHY NOT? Otherwise, I would not be alive today. Running has saved my life and that is why we never charge people living with HIV or cancer. I just want others living with both illnesses to get the same benefit from running that I get. Even though we do not raise a lot of money I do have organizations who believe in my work like DELIVERING GOOD, who has donated $200,000 in toys and clothing to my Foundation, see photo below right.”