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The fallout from Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews cancellation of the 2026 Commonwealth Games continues with 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games CEO Cindy Hook reassuring that there will be no effect.

Hook told the Courier-Mail newspaper, “I’m absolutely focused on the budget, the organising committee will be self-funded.

“We have a long runway and more time than they did to plan, and I think that time if used well will be very much to our advantage.”

“And the Organising Committee is committed to being cost neutral to the taxpayer.”

Meanwhile, in Canada, Alberta Premier Joseph Schow made the comment Tuesday that the Canadian province is still considering the 2030 Games.

Apparently, the costs for Victoria were spiralling from the equivalent of $2.4 billion CDN to more than $6.3 billion CDN or $2.6 billion to more than $6 billion AUS.

“At the moment, there’s no implication on our bid. It’s certainly disappointing to hear the Games are going to be cancelled in Australia,” he said.