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Global one-hour virtual race:

The 1st edition was so much fun we are doing it again. Last year’s results>>


Anytime starting from Monday, March 1, 2021, at noon to May 24 at noon, run a solo one-hour race and record to Strava or a similar app and submit to: info @ athleticsillustrated.com. This rarely-run time-based race was once popular on the track. Longer ultra races continue to have time-based events, like the 24-hour race.

All abilities are welcome.

So instead of a distance-based event that goes 10K, 10-mile, 15K, 20K or half-marathon (21.1K or 13.1-miles), we are going for an hour.

TEAM COMPETITION: Submit your team name and we will do the rest. No extra charge. Do you have four teammates who would like to do this? Scoring is like cross-country, dead simple. Click here for details.

So the question is, “how much ground can you cover in one hour?” World-class men can run 20-22K in this time. But it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, everyone is welcome to participate and nearly 100% of runners will pick up a personal best.

STANDARD COMPETITION: Run a road that is flat or mildly undulating. World Athletics’ rules read that certified road courses have a drop of 1:1000, meaning 1m per km or less. Also, the start and finish area must be less than 50% of the distance of the course or closer (on a theoretical straight line). Out and back courses and circuitous courses are legal, rather than point-to-point. Who cares? If two people run the exact same distance in the Standard Competition, the tiebreaker will be based on the more “legal” route.


UPHILL COMPETITION: If you love running mountains, submit your one-hour mountain run for the Most Elevation Gain competition; show some of that gnarly character you got.

DOWNHILL COMPETITION: From the sublime to the ridiculous, but if you love the ridiculous, you are welcome to see how much ground you can cover by going downhill all the way. If you end up losing 10-metres per kilometre run or more we will automatically slip you into this category.

RACE ALL THREE CATEGORIES: Okay, now we are really talking ridiculous, but you will have the full 31 days of the madness of March to race three times: Total distance, total elevation gain and total elevation loss; $5 per race as a suggested donation.

RACE AGAIN!: Think you can go higher, drop faster or run farther or have an even better team? Bump your best time for the price of a Starbucks Venti Blonde ($2, last we checked). Pay $2 per person race again and bump your ranking — we had a lot of fun with this last year.

Admission is by donation (suggested minimum is $5, but pay as much as you like).

We have swag to give out! Register by donating and we will draw names for the swag that we have coming in. Currently, we have hats, rumour has it that some cool shirts are coming in.

We are capping this race at 7.8 billion people and limiting running areas to planet earth only. So keep your feet planted on earth and have a fantastic race!