Athletics Canada

Moncton, NB – The 2013 Canadian Track and Field Championship wrapped up yesterday at Moncton Stadium in Moncton, N.B., with a number of outstanding performances by athletes who secured their positions on the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championship team (Moscow, Russia, August 10-18) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) World Championship (Lyon, France, July 20-29) team.

Also of note today Austin Smeenk of Oakville, Ont., set a Canadian record of 1:57.33 in the T34 classification wheelchair 800-metres.

Moscow bound – IAAF World Championship

The following 32 athletes, 18 men and 14 women, punched their tickets to the IAAF World Championship through a combination of achieved standards and top three placings at the 2013 Canadian Track and Field Championship.  Athletes who do not have the World Championship standard but finished top three at the selection trials have until July 29 to achieve the necessary performance.

Name Event Hometown
Aaron Brown 100m Toronto, ON
Sam Effah 100m Calgary, AB
Tremaine Harris 200m Markham, ON
Matthew Hughes 3000m steeplechase Oshawa, ON
Alex Genest 3000m steeplechase Lac-aux-Sables, QC
Chris Winter 3000m steeplechase Vancouver, BC
Cam Levins 5000m Black Creek, BC
Mohammed Ahmed 10000m St. Catherines, ON
Derek Drouin High Jump Corunna, ON
Michael Mason High Jump Nanoose Bay, BC
Shawnacy Barber Pole Vault Toronto, ON
Dylan Armstrong Shot Put Kamloops, BC
Tim Nedow Shot Put Brockville, ON
Justin Rodhe Shot Put Kamloops, BC
Inaki Gomez Race walk Vancouver, BC
Evan Dunfee Race walk Richmond, BC
Ben Thorne Race walk Kitimat, BC
Damian Warner Decathlon London, ON
Kimberley Hyacinthe 200m Montreal, QC
Crystal Emmanuel 200m Markham, ON
Melissa Bishop 800m Eganville, ON
Sheila Reid 1500m Newmarket, ON
Nicole Sifuentes 1500m Winnipeg, MB
Kate Van Buskirk 1500m Brampton, ON
Angela Whyte 100m hurdles Edmonton, AB
Jessica Zelinka 100m hurdles London, ON
Noelle Montcalm 400m hurdles Windsor, ON
Christabel Nettey Long Jump Surrey, BC
Sultana Frizell Hammer Throw Perth, ON
Julie Labonté Shot Put Sainte-Justine, QC
Krista Woodward Javelin Throw New Westminster, BC
Brianne Theisen Heptathlon Humboldt, SK


Tickets to Lyon – IPC World Championship


The following 32 athletes, 22 men and 10 women, punched their tickets to the IPC World Championship through a combination of achieved standards and top three placings at the 2013 Canadian Track and Field Championship.

Name Classification Hometown
Josh Cassidy T54 wheelchair Ottawa, ON
Jean-Paul Compaore T54 wheelchair Sherbrooke, QC
Earl Connor T42 ambulatory Calgary, AB
Nathan Dewitt T34 wheelchair New Westminster, BC
Braedon Dolfo F13 ambulatory Langley, BC
Jason Dunkerley with guide runner Josh Karanja T11 ambulatory Ottawa, ON
Jon Dunkerley with guide runner Brian Cummings T11 ambulatory Ottawa, ON
Alexandre Dupont T54 wheelchair Saskatoon, SK
Robert Hughes F33 wheelchair Sarnia, ON
Brent Lakatos T53 wheelchair Dorval, QC
Jean-Philippe Maranda T53 wheelchair Saint-Georges de Beauce, QC
Jackie Marciano T44 ambulatory Halifax, NS
Colin Mathieson T54 wheelchair Sherbrooke,QC
Alister McQueen T/F 44 ambulatory Calgary, AB
Guillaume Ouelette T13 ambulatory Victoriaville, QC
Kyle Pettey F34 wheelchair Brampton, ON
Austin Smeenk T34 wheelchair Oakville, ON
Kevin Strybosch F37 ambulatory London, ON
Curtis Thom T54 wheelchair Ottawa, ON
Ken Trudgeon F46 ambulatory London, ON
Dustin Walsh and guide runner Dylan Williamson T11 ambulatory New Westminster, BC
Kyle Whitehouse T38 wheelchair St. Catherines, ON
Rachael Burrows T34 wheelchair Barrie, ON
Ilana Dupont T53 wheelchair Bradwell, SK
Pamela Le Jean F53 wheelchair Halifax, NS
Keira-Lyn Frie T54 wheelchair Saskatoon, SK
Virginia McLachlan T35 ambulatory Windsor, ON
Becky Richter F51 wheelchair Saskatoon, SK
Diane Roy T54 wheelchair Sherbrooke, QC
Marta Sandoval-Gustofson F52 wheelchair Toronto, ON
Michelle Stilwell T52 wheelchair Nanoose Bay, BC
Sarah White T53 wheelchair Montreal, QC


Day 4 Canadian Champions

Name Event Performance
Robert Hughes F33 wheelchair javelin throw 14.70m
Issa Ouedraogo F58 wheelchair javelin throw 29.82m
Shaun McKenzie F51 wheelchair club throw 12.91m
Taylor Stewart Long Jump 7.76m 0.6
Jim Steacy Hammer Throw 72.96m
Tait Nystuen 400m hurdles 51.36
Austin Smeenk T34 wheelchair 800m 1:57.33 CR
Brent Lakatos T53 wheelchair 800m 1:46.85
Alexandre Dupont T54 wheelchair 800m 1:45.70
Geoff Harris 800m 1:47.75
Braedon Dolfo T13 ambulatory 200m 23.77 -3.0
Alister McQueen T44 ambulatory 200m 24.51 -3.0
Dustin Walsh T11 ambulatory 200m 24.78 -0.7
Brandon King T12 ambulatory 200m 25.00 -0.7
Cory Johnson T36 ambulatory 200m 32.87 -0.7
Jonathan Furey T37 ambulatory 200m 30.77 -0.7
Kyle Whitehouse T38 ambulatory 200m 24.73 -0.7
Tremaine Harris 200m 21.18 -4.6
Bechy Richter F51 wheelchair club throw 14.42m
Pamela Le Jean F53 wheelchair javelin throw 8.13m
Heather Hamilton Pole Vault 4.20m
Sultana Frizell Hammer Throw 68.23m
Christabel Nettey Long Jump 6.49m 1.6
Noelle Montcalm 400m hurdles 56.43
Ilana Dupont T53 wheelchair 800m 2:08.02
Diane Roy T54 wheelchair 800m 1:59.60
Melissa Bishop 800m 2:02.84
Virginia McLachlan T35 ambulatory 200m 35.87 -2.5
Leah Robinson T37 ambulatory 200m 32.55 -2.5
Cindy Burt T38 ambulatory 200m 34.57 -2.5
Shannon Laurie T44 ambulatory 200m 32.97 -2.5
Kimberley Hyacinthe 200m 22.91 -1.0
Angela Whyte 100mH 12.90 -0.4