Abdihamid Nur won the USATF 5000 metre title in the time of 13:24.37 off of a final kilometre of 2:21.62 at the national championships on Sunday night.

Finishing in second place was Paul Chelimo clocking a 13:23.90 performance. And taking third was Sean McGorty in 13:25.98. Joe Klecker crossed the line in the time of 13:26.94. He had passed Cooper Teare with his 13:27.02 at the line to finish in fourth position.

The women’s race was similar to how the 10,000m event finished. The first three were Elise Cranny in the time of 14:52.66 for her third US title, then Alicia Monson was second in 14:55.10, Natosha Rogers took third in the time of 14:55.39.

Grant Fisher holds the current American record at 12:46.96. He declared that he is injured before the race. Shelby Houlihan holds the national women’s record at 14:23.92, however, is currently serving a doping suspension.

All 18 male runners finished within 19 seconds from first to last: 13:24.37 – 13:44.72. Twenty of 22 finisher ran under 16-minutes in the women’s race.

Men’s results

Men’s 5000m Final- Sunday, July 9

1Abdihamid Nur – NIKE WCS13:24.37
2Paul Chelimo – American Distance Project WCS13:24.90
3Sean McGorty – NIKE/Bowerman Track Club13:25.98
4Joe Klecker – On Athletics Club WCS13:26.94
5Cooper Teare – NIKE13:27.02
6Sam Gilman – U.S. Air Force Academy13:27.49 PB
7Olin Hacker – HOKA NAZ Elite13:28.16
8Ahmed Muhumed – Unattached13:28.61
9Woody Kincaid – NIKE WCS13:30.84
10Conner Mantz – NIKE13:30.85
11Kasey Knevelbaard – Under Armour13:35.00
12John Reniewicki – Under Armour13:38.19
13Morgan Beadlescomb – adidas13:38.69
14Anthony Camerieri – Mississippi13:39.13
15Emmanuel Bor – Unattached13:39.88
16Cole Sprout – Stanford13:42.43 SB
17Isai Rodriguez – Oklahoma State13:42.96
18Dillon Maggard – BROOKS Beasts TC13:44.72
DNFMatt Strangio – Portland 
DNSCasey Comber – Under Armour 
DNSGrant Fisher – NIKE/Bowerman Track Club WCS 
DNSRyan Ford – ZAP Endurance 
DNSSam Prakel – adidas 
DNSGraham Crawford – Unattached

Women’s results

Women’s 5000m Final – Sunday, July 9

1Elise Cranny14:52.66 SB
2Alicia Monson14:55.10
3Natosha Rogers14:55.39 PB
4Josette Andrews15:01.80
5Elly Henes15:08.66
6Whittni Morgan15:14.03 SB
7Katelyn Tuohy15:15.26
8Weini Kelati15:15.49
9Emily Infeld15:24.17
10Abby Nichols15:27.02
11Allie Buchalski15:28.19
12Andrea Rodenfels15:30.26 PB
13Ednah Kurgat15:30.66
14Katie Camarena15:32.26
15Katie Izzo15:32.61
16Taylor Werner15:36.06
17Emily Lipari15:40.34
18Hannah Steelman 15:42.83
19Katie Wasserman15:44.47
20Anna Oeser15:51.92 PB
21Bethany Hasz16:20.76
22Maddie Alm16:29.99
DNSKarissa Schweizer

Full results from the USATF Championships

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