About us

Athletics Illustrated began publication in 2010.

During part of 2013, Athletics Illustrated joined the Milesplit.US network and was published under the brand Athletics Illustrated and Milesplit Canada. Milesplit is now part of the Flotrack brand of publications.

Athletics Illustrated content is written primarily in CP Style English, however, speaks to a global audience and from time to time, where appropriate, may also publish in British English or AP Style.

Athletics Illustrated publishes well-researched and thought-provoking editorial content and inspires the sport of athletics by providing profiles, interviews, and in-depth opinion pieces. Athletics Illustrated publishes daily, content on topical news, politics, corruption, and of the latest events and performances.

You will find that the content is supplied primarily in written form, however, there are video and podcasting interviews and event coverage.

The Athletics Illustrated logo

The logo was designed in 2010 by Christopher Kelsall. The Helvetica font is used for its simplicity, and understated style, while the runner, exudes swagger in terms of running form as “he” confidently hurdles by toeing-off the “i” with the left leg while the right foot is about to land on the “h” that acts as the steeple. The 3000m steeplechase is the bridge event between middle-distance and long-distance running. The bulk of the content that Athletics Illustrated publishes is in these events. The steeple embraces a touch of the olde English clubs as in cross-country with the water pit and steeples. At 3000m in length, it provides the perfect mix of aerobic and anaerobic demands on the running, making for a truly entertaining race – as the website aims to be.

The colour blue (HEX #ffffff, RGB(255,255,255), CMYK(0,0,0,0) was chosen as it represents depth, stability, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and truth. Blue represents the sky and the ocean.

Compact in a horizontal rectangular shape, the logo is perfectly designed for usage in various media and collateral.

Contact: info@athleticsillustrated.com

Athletics Illustrated has raised money for various charities since 2010 including KidSport and the Mustard Seed Food Bank by putting on track meets, cross-country events and virtual races.