As the Olympic energy comes to a boil, Allyson Felix will hit the track for her final individual Olympic race today in the 400m. If she earns a medal, she ties Carl Lewis as the most decorated US Olympic Track and Field athlete with 10 medals.

After recently launching her lifestyle brand, Saysh, she will embark on this historical moment while racing in Saysh 0.07 Spike, designed for and by her brand. Debuting her one-of-one racing spikes in Tokyo creates another lane for Allyson to impact the track world and leave her mark as the first Olympic athlete to run in their own spike. 

The spike is not only a racing shoe, but the physical embodiment of using your voice, knowing your place, and a tireless commitment to creating change. To commemorate this iconic moment and further support Saysh’s mission of undermining inequality with female athleticism and creativity, Saysh created an NFT one-of-one-piece of impressive digital art of Saysh 0.07 Spike to package and sell with Allyson’s race-worn spikes from Tokyo. 

Those interested in the reveal and bidding can visit now to sign up for announcement notifications revealing the official opening date for the sale (to commence post-games.) Saysh will donate all proceeds to the Power of She Fund: Child Care Grant program, created in partnership with Allyson’s brand sponsor Athleta and the Women’s Sports Foundation, to champion their work to support individuals and communities of women to reach their limitless potential by providing resources that enable mom-athletes to compete without barriers.

Attached is a one-sheet with more information on The Spike and auction, and hi-res images are available. Please let us know if you are interested in covering the news as this will be Allyson’s last Olympic Games and she has undoubtedly already made history!

Saysh 0.07 Spike

Allyson Felix was tired of asking for change, so she created it. The Saysh 0.07 Spike is an instant piece of iconic
sport history, as Felix is the first track and field athlete to race in a spike from her own brand. The Saysh 0.07 Spike is a racing spike designed from the sole up for Felix. It is a bespoke racing spike of the highest of caliber, handcrafted in the USA and weighing in at a mind-blowing 3.9 oz. This shoe is the physical embodiment of using your voice, knowing your place, and a tireless commitment to creating change.

Product Details

The upper is made from a single piece of knit monomesh with precisely engineered reinforcement in the mesh along
with optimally located cushioning elements in the heel. The spike also features an injection-molded PEBAX plate
with optimal rigidity, precise 2ndary traction elements and insert-molded primary spikes. The Saysh Spike One weighs 3.9oz (16% lighter than her previous lightweight spikes). Designed and made for women.

Product Team Details

Designed by Natalie Candrian and Michael Friton, who developed and made track spikes for other Olympians
including Mary Decker Slaney and Kory Tarpenning. Michael was also involved in Michael Johnson’s iconic “Gold
Spike” (1996). Handcrafted and assembled in the United States at Friton Design in Portland, Oregon, by Mike Friton
and staff.

Co-developed by Tiffany Beers and Larry Eisenbach with engineering and project management development
support by Larry Eisenbach.

Digital Art & The Saysh 0.07 Spike Sale Details:

Saysh has created a one-of-one pair of racing spikes, and a one-of-one piece of digital art, to celebrate a one-of-one
athlete: Allyson Felix.

The world’s biggest athletes may have their own signature products (under their sponsor), but no athlete has a
signature brand at the Olympic Games. As Allyson competes in the Games this year, she’ll be breaking records* and
making history, again, all while racing in her own spike and continuing to champion maternal protections.
We’ll be selling a pair of Allyson’s race-worn spikes from Tokyo along with our digital art (as an NFT), to support
our mission of undermining inequality with female athleticism and creativity. All proceeds will go to The Power of
She Fund: Child Care Grant, a first-of-its-kind grant program in partnership with Athleta and the Women’s Sports
Foundation, to ensure no woman has to choose between being a professional athlete and being a mother.

For additional information on launch date and auction items visit