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Men’s 800m

Nothing was middling, about Midland, Texas native Bryce Hoppel who flew by Belgian Elliot Crestan on the homestretch to win the gold medal in the 800-metre event at the 2024 World Athletics Indoor Championships on Sunday. Crestan was also passed by Andreas Kramer of Sweden who took silver in 1:45.27. Crestan settled for bronze clocking 1:45.32. Hoppel recorded a 1:44.92 finish time for the win.

The race got off with a little jostling before things settled back into a civilized manner. Defending champion Mariano Garcia of Spain led at the 400m split in 51.29. Crestan took over after an apparent bump with Garcia on the turn just before the bell. Hoppel then moved up to second at halfway. He followed Crestan on the final lap before sprinting down the straight for the win.

Crestan seems to be a perpetual bronze medallist. At the 2018 U20 World Athletics Championships in Tampere, he took third in the 800m. Crestan did it again at the 2023 Istanbul European Indoor Championships. He did at least run a new personal best time in Glasgow of 1:45.08 during the heats. Sunday’s performance was a career-best showing at a global event for the 26-year-old Kramer.

Women’s 3000m

Sometimes the indoor 3000m can seem to go on like the daunting 25-lap 10,000m outdoor event — there are plenty of turns. But Elle Purrier St. Pierre made quick work of the race on Sunday.

Vermont’s St. Pierre set a North American and championship record with her 8:20.87 performance in Glasgow on Saturday. She also took almost five seconds off her personal best.

The win came just three weeks after her return to racing when she broke the North American record in the mile at the Millrose Games clocking 4:16.41 at the Armory in New York.

The Richford, Vermont native kicked past Ethiopia’s Gudaf Tsegay to get gold in Glasgow showing great composure.

Tsegay is an Olympic bronze medallist and two-time World Champion outdoors. Her 1500m indoor best is the world record at 3:53.09. Tsegay is no slouch.

The race went off fast as Kenyan Beatrice Chepkoech went straight to the front to string out the field — she is known for doing this and it was no surprise to her competitors. Her first 400m split was 65.07 the fastest of all 400m splits. The pace slowed at 1000m. Tsegay moved to the front and dropped the pace a little. The pre-race favourite led from then on.

With six laps remaining, the field began to split, as the first five women worked together.

Smartly, St. Pierre, who sat in fourth position for 1800m of the race, moved up to third at the bell and then she moved into second on the back straight. It seemed unlikely until the final few metres that St. Pierre would pull it off, but she did.

Tsegay recorded an 8:21.13 finish, while Chepkoech took third in 8:22.68.


Women’s 3000m

1Elle ST. PIERREUSA8:20.87 CR
2Gudaf TSEGAYETH8:21.13
3Beatrice CHEPKOECHKEN8:22.68 NR
4Jessica HULLAUS8:24.39 AR
5Laura MUIRGBR8:29.76 SB
6Lemlem HAILUETH8:30.36 SB
7Hirut MESHESHAETH8:34.61
8Nozomi TANAKAJPN8:36.03 AR
9Teresiah Muthoni GATERIKEN8:38.96 SB
10Marta GARCÍAESP8:40.34
11Josette ANDREWSUSA8:41.93 SB
12Hannah NUTTALLGBR8:48.24
13Ludovica CAVALLIITA8:48.46
14Águeda MARQUÉSESP8:48.57
15Roisin FLANAGANIRL8:53.02 PB
16Emeline IMANIZABAYORWA9:28.58 PB

Men’s 800m

1Bryce HOPPELUSA1:44.92 WL
2Andreas KRAMERSWE1:45.27 SB
3Eliott CRESTANBEL1:45.32
4Catalin TECUCEANUITA1:46.39
5Benjamin ROBERTFRA1:46.80
6Mariano GARCÍAESP1:48.77

Results Saturday, March 2 Semi-Finals

Semi Final 1 – Results

1Mariano GARCÍAESP1:47.83 Q
2Catalin TECUCEANUITA1:48.13 Q
3Andreas KRAMERSWE1:48.14 Q
4Isaiah HARRISUSA1:48.18
5Tshepiso MASALELABOT1:48.44
6Tibo DE SMETBEL1:48.47

Semi Final 2 – Results

1Bryce HOPPELUSA1:45.08 Q SB.072
2Eliott CRESTANBEL1:45.08 Q PB.076
3Benjamin ROBERTFRA1:45.28 Q PB 
4Abdelati EL GUESSEMAR1:45.45 
5Mohamed ATTAOUIESP1:45.68 

Results Friday, March 1 Heats

Heat 1 Results

1Mohamed Ali GOUANEDALG1:46.49 Q
2Tshepiso MASALELABOT1:46.76 Q
3Collins KIPRUTOKEN1:46.89 SB
4James PRESTONNZL1:47.59 NR
5Mateusz BORKOWSKIPOL1:48.07

Heat 2 Results

1Bryce HOPPELUSA1:46.15 Q
2Abdelati EL GUESSEMAR1:46.29 Q
3Noah KIBETKEN1:46.90
4Francesco PERNICIITA1:47.38 PB
5Edose IBADINNGR1:48.21 SB

Heat 3 Results

1Eliott CRESTANBEL1:46.79 Q
2Catalin TECUCEANUITA1:47.07 Q
3Balázs VINDICSHUN1:47.83 SB
4John RIVERAPUR1:48.44
5Husain Mohsin AL-FARSIOMA1:48.47 NR
6Eduardo RIBEIROBRA1:49.74 PB

Heat 4 Results

1Mohamed ATTAOUIESP1:46.20 Q
2Andreas KRAMERSWE1:46.21 Q SB
3Tibo DE SMETBEL1:46.34 q SB
4Jakub DUDYCHACZE1:47.81
5Efrem MEKONNENETH1:49.71
6Marino BLOUDEKCRO1:49.97

Heat 5 Results

1Mariano GARCÍAESP1:45.81 Q
2Isaiah HARRISUSA1:46.12 Q SB
3Benjamin ROBERTFRA1:46.16 q
4Ryan CLARKENED1:46.69
5Filip ŠNEJDRCZE1:48.30