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As many as at least 81 Russian athletes have tested positive for the coronavirus.

They athletes have tested positive at different training camps throughout the country, according to the Russian Sports Ministry’s Alexei Morozov.

Morozov spoke on the Russian television channel Rossiya-24. He said, “authorities are looking to commit to contact tracing to ensure that all athletes are clear.

The athletes were removed from the various bases that they were training at. Some required hospitalisation. Some were placed in quarantine at some bases.

Global coronavirus cases: 37,893,652
Deaths: 1,083,225
Recovered: 28,461,892

Russia has had the fourth most positive cases in the world at 1,312,310. The USA leads the world with 7,999,278, followed by India and Brazil. Russia also has the fourth most active cases at 265,353, according to worldometers.com

In June, over a 24-hour period, Major League Soccer (MLS), National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) had confirmed positive tests.