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Wrestler Eddie Guerrero from Mexico — the fake, thespian-cringing variety of wrestling — was once quoted as saying, “If you are not cheating, you are not trying.”

He was known for the catchphrase, “I lie, I cheat, I steal.”

Guerrero died from a “heart attack,” however, it was reported to be caused by long-term usage of anabolic steroids. He lived only to age 38. Shades of the NFL football player Lyle Alzado who lived only to 43 and admitted to long-term steroid use.

Certain countries seem to be producing a large number of dopers. In the case of Kenya, where poverty is real, so is deception. Apparently, lying, cheating and stealing are normalized. So, as the athletics world has come to know over the past few years, the Kenyans, once considered a superior nation of athletes, is no more. The hypothesis was that they live close to the earth and at altitude, eat well, and travel by foot constantly. But alas, they are nothing more than a fake sport-cringing variety of runners. The list of dopers is only surpassed by Russia with its systematic doping machine.

On Friday, the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) announced the suspensions of at least three more Kenyan athletes as well as the provisional suspension of an athlete from Uzbekistan. This came the day after the announcement of four other athlete suspensions one each from Morocco, Colombia, Bolivia and Italy.

The three Kenyans

Already amassing dozens and dozens of suspensions, Kenyans continue to cheat, some repeatedly. In this case, James Mwangi Wangari, Rebecca Jepchirchir Korir, Joyce Chepkemoi Tele and Sitora Khamidova from Uzbekistan have been implicated.

Wangari tested positive for norandrosterone. The 29-year-old had already been suspended three years ago for exogenous testosterone. The AIU handed Wangari an eight-year suspension for denying responsibility as well as this being his second doping suspension.

Norandrosterone is a metabolite of nandralone, an anobilic steroid agent.

Wangari holds a personal best from the 2016 Copenhagen Half Marathon at 59:07 and a 10,000m best of 27:23.04 from 2016.

On August 27, 2023, Rebecca Jepchirchir Korir provided a urine sample in-competition at the Harbin Marathon (a World Athletics Label Road Race) in Harbin, China. On September 22, 2023, the World Anti-Doping Agency (“WADA”) accredited laboratory in Beijing, China reported an Adverse Analytical Finding in the sample for the presence of Methylprednisolone. It is a synthetic corticosteroid medication. Its purpose is to ameliorate symptoms of arthritis and asthma. But was made to mimic a corticosteroid. It is typically prescribed to alleviate swelling and redness due to insect bites.

The 31-year-old Korir owns a marathon best of 2:29:04 from 2019. She has been suspended for two years.

On April 3, 2022, Joyce Chepkemoi Tele, provided a urine sample, in-competition. This took place at the ‘Generali Berliner Half-Marathon’ held in Berlin, Germany. The test was performed by the National Anti-Doping Agency of Germany (“NADA”). On April 26, 2022, the World Anti-Doping Agency (“WADA”) accredited laboratory in Cologne, Germany reported an Adverse Analytical Finding. The finding? The presence of triamcinolone acetonide.

Theacetonide of triamcinolone is prescribed for the treatment of symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis (SAR). As well as perennial allergic rhinitis (RAP) refractory to conventional treatments in adults. It is another corticosteroid used to treat skin conditions and a variety of other issues.

Tele holds a personal best of 1:05:50 over the half marathon distance, which is an outlier in comparison to all other finished except for one 10K road performance the same year at 30:33. The World Athletics points performance rating for the two races times indicated equal the same 1217 points. Otherwise, her performances varied throughout the distances. She has been served an 18-month suspension.

The athlete from Uzbekistan

Sitora Khamidova was served notice of alleged use for the cocktail containing: Dehydrochloromethyl-testosterone, heptaminol, octodrine. She has been handed a provisional suspension which is appealable to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The 34-year-old’s one outstanding performance is the national 10,000m record of 31:57.42.

Legendary Pakistani cricketer Mohammed Amir famously said, “No matter how small the deed is, at the end of the day, cheating is cheating.” Amir went to be banned for throwing games and corruption. He faced criminal charges for his deeds and was barred from practice facilities. At one point he had his passport taken away. It was only returned so that he could face his charges in court.

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