OTTAWA – The first edition of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) World Relays is approaching and Athletics Canada is pleased today to name 20 athletes to the Canadian team. The event will be held in the capital of The Bahamas, Nassau, May 24 and 25. Canada will field four teams, men’s and women’s 4×100 and 4×400-metre relays.

Prize money will be awarded to teams placing in the top eight as well as qualification into the 2015 IAAF World Championships.

2014 IAAF World Relays Teams


Name Event Hometown Personal Coach
Daundre Barnaby 4x400m Brampton, ON Anthony McCleary/Desai Williams
Jared Connaughton 4x100m New Haven, PEI Monte Stratton
Daniel Harper 4x400m Brampton, ON Desai Williams/Frank Bucca
Tremaine Harris 4x400m Markham, ON Anthony McCleary/Desai Williams
Philip Osei 4x400m Toronto, ON Anthony McCleary/Desai Williams
Dontae Richards-Kwok 4x100m Mississauga, ON Anthony McCleary/Desai Williams
Michael Robertson 4x400m Williamstown, ON Glenroy Gilbert
Gavin Smellie 4x100m Etobicoke, ON Desai Williams
Oluwasegun Makinde 4x100m Ottawa, ON Glenroy Gilbert
Justyn Warner 4x100m Markham, ON Kevin Tyler


Name Event Hometown Personal Coach
Khamica Bingham 4x100m Caledon, ON Desai Williams/Frank Bucca
Shai-Anne Davis 4x100m Toronto, ON Anthony McCleary/Desai Williams
Fawn Dorr 4x400m Marten River, ON Dr. Marco
Crystal Emmanuel 4x100m Scarborough, ON Desai Williams
Phylicia George 4x100m Markham, ON Anthony McCleary
Kimberly Hyacinthe 4x100m Lachenaie, QC Desai Williams
Jenna Martin 4x400m Bridgewater, NS Anthony McCleary/Desai Williams
Noelle Montcalm 4x400m Belle River, ON Don Garrod
Carline Muir 4x400m Edmonton, AB Lance Brauman
Sarah Wells 4x400m Unionville, ON Desai Williams/Dave Hunt

The men’s 4×100-metres relay team of Aaron Brown, Segun Makinde (alt.), Dontae Richards-Kwok, Gavin Smellie and Justyn Warner took home bronze from the 2013 IAAF World Championships.

Also at the 2013 World Championships, the women’s 4×100-metres relay team set a Canadian record in the heats to secure their place in the final; the first time Canadian women qualified a team in a sprint relay final since the 1999 World Championships. The team of Crystal Emmanual, Shai-Anne-Davis, Kimberly Hyacinthe, and Khamica Bingham finished sixth overall.

The women’s 4×100-metres relay heats and finals are set for Saturday May 24. The women’s and men’s 4×400-metres relay heats are Saturday with the finals on Sunday May 25. The men’s 4×100-metres relay heats and finals are also on Sunday. For a complete schedule, and more information click here.