Read: Dave Scott-Thomas story far from over.

Athletics Canada has officially handed former Guelph University, Athletics Ontario and Speed River Track and Field Club head coach Dave Scott-Thomas a lifetime ban. He is also banned for five years from attending any Athletics Canada facilities, including hubs, or training centres.

Their statement from March 25 reads:

Upon receipt of a Complaint against David Scott-Thomas dated January 21, 2020 alleging that he engaged in behaviour that constitutes a violation of the Athletics Canada Code of Conduct, the Commissioner’s Office proceeded to confirm jurisdiction over the Complaint and issue a Notice of Suspension dated January 21, 2020 immediately suspending Mr. David Scott-Thomas from Athletics Canada, its branches and clubs until the Complaint had been finally disposed.

On March 23, 2020, and pursuant to the authority and discretion afforded to the Athletics Canada Commissioner’s Office, Mr. David Scott-Thomas is subject to a lifetime ban from Athletics Canada during which time he shall not coach or train a Member of Athletics Canada or a Member of any affiliated Club or Association.  This Order takes effect immediately.

 Follow this link to read the Commissioner’s Order.

Read: Dave Scott-Thomas story far from over.