Mathieu Gentès, Athletics Canada

Athletics Canada, the Bruny Surin Foundation and Sprint Management announced an important partnership today around the Hershey Canadian Indoor Championships (Youth / Junior / Open national championships).

The partnership will help raise funds for the Bruny Surin Foundation that aims to incite children and high school students to adopt healthy and active living habits. “We are very excited to be part of an event that encourages a healthy lifestyle, as a retired athlete one of my goals is to get as many young people off of their couches and participating in sport.”

Sprint Management’s support of the Hershey Canadian Indoor Championships will help the second year event in fulfilling its objective of providing a first rate competition opportunity for youth and junior age category athletes, as well as serve as a showcase for Canada’s best athletes. “We are excited to work with Sprint Management and the Bruny Surin Foundation to ensure the Hershey Canadian Indoor Championships are a success, while supporting and encouraging children to get healthy, active and fit,” said Rob Guy, Athletics Canada, Chief Executive Officer.

The Hershey Canadian Indoor Championships take place in Montreal, Que., February 20-22 at Complexe Sportif Claude-Robillard.

Funds will be raised for the Bruny Surin Foundation through the sale of VIP tickets that will give fans an opportunity take in the Championships trackside. One hundred percent of the proceeds will be directed to the Foundation, and the entire ticket cost is eligible for a tax-deductible receipt. The trackside experience includes food, beverages and a special VIP event with Oympians and celebrities.

Ticket holders will have the exclusive opportunity of rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest stars in Canada through the Bruny Surin Celebrity Sprint Challenge. Two spots in the Celebrity Sprint Challenge will be available to the highest bidders. “I am looking forward to seeing some of the top celebrities from Quebec compete head to head, I’ll be putting out a few personal challenges to some of my friends to get involved.”