Press Release – Athletics Canada

Athletics Canada is committed to the health and safety of its members. As the COVID-19 response varies from location to location, there can be no standard approach that applies to all provinces and clubs. Athletics Canada has developed the Back on Track guidelines as a national tool to assist in developing a responsible return to programming in each and every province and territory.

Developed by the Back on Track Task Force, the guidelines, as well as those from municipal, provincial and public health agencies, will help athletes and their families make informed decisions as to safe return to training.

Athletics Canada would like to acknowledge the work of the national Return to Sport Task Force. The risk assessment and mitigation tools developed by the Return to Sport Task Force inspired much of the Back on Track guidelines, Athletics Canada strongly encourages clubs and training groups to complete the Club Risk Assessment and Club Mitigation Checklist Tool prior to any return to training.

Back on Track Task Force
Bill MacMackin, Chair – Athletics Canada
Paul Osland, Chief Executive Officer – Athletics Ontario

Athlete Representative
Charles Philibert-Thiboutot, Athletics Canada Board of Directors – Male Athlete Director

Athletics Canada Hub Representation
Dr. Paddy McCluskey, Chief Medical Officer – Athletics Canada West Hub
Dr. Sari Kraft, Medical Doctor – Athletics Canada East Hub
Molly Killingbeck, Hub Lead – Athletics Canada East Hub
Rosie Kirkpatrick, Hub Manager – Athletics Canada West Hub

Provincial Representation
Alanna Boudreau, Executive Director – Athletics Manitoba
Randolph Fajardo, Competitions & Technical Specifications Manager
James Rosnau, Executive Director – Athletics Alberta
Chris Winter, Technical Manager Track & Field – British Columbia Athletics

Athletics Canada Head Office
David Bedford, Chief Executive Officer – Athletics Canada
Mathieu Gentès, Chief Operating Officer – Athletics Canada
Simon Nathan, High Performance Director – Athletics Canada