Athletics Illustrated Person of the Week


Athletics Illustrated Person of the Week (POW) will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

We thought of “Runner of the Week,” but then we could only pick runners for the weekly mention. We thought of “Athlete of the Week,” but then still, we are relegated to athletes only, what about coaches, agents, media, organizers?
The “Personality of the Week” would have been a problem, as every week someone would have to shine through on the personality – although better, this ain’t Hollywood, folks. People in the sport of athletics work their butts off! But not everyone has a personality of the week personality, some just make statements in their performances.

Person of the Week opens the door to anyone and is gender-neutral. It’s new and improved and heavenly scented.

And “P.O.W!” we got ourselves something to keep us looking for people doing great or terrible or funny or interesting things each week.

Coming soon, a weekly Person of the Week feature will be on the home page, with a click-through to a post all about them or what they accomplished.

In a process derived from votes, likes, suggestions and views of Person of the Week stories, we will derive the male and female Person of the Year story.

Share who you feel should be a Person of the Week at Athletics Illustrated by sending an email to: and use the subject line: “Person of the Week submission”.

More information coming.

Stay tuned.



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