Athletics Kenya takes a step earlier promised to consider suspending or banning athletes as well as enablers including coaches, agents and medical personnel.

AK suspended Rosa Associati and Volare Sports for six months pending investigations into doping dealing a potential blow to the careers of famous elite athletes under the Italian and Dutch stables on Monday.

The national federation accused the two firms of being responsible for the surge in doping cases in the country that has seen 36 runners test positive, including the high profile bust of star female runner; thrice Boston and twice Chicago marathon champion, Rita Jeptoo of Rosa who was banned for two years in January for EPO use.

“There have been a lot of reports relating to doping in Kenya and a lot of fingers pointed at people, agents, doctors and pharmacists. We know it’s an intricate issue and critical matter and we want to deal with it.

“In the mean time as a federation, we have decided to suspend two agents in the time being so that investigations can be carried out and when the results are out we will decide whether they come back.

“The two we are going to mention manage the highest number of elite athletes. We will therefore, working with the IAAF and meet promoters of the Diamond League and so forth to agree on the modalities of how we will manage these athletes so that they do not miss competition.

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