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Runner, writer, race director, coach, website-guy and Lydiard advocate.

Brett Gotcher Interview

© Copyright - 2010 - Athletics Illustrated Brett Gotcher has gone from regular fast guy with Olympic dreams and a part time job to regular fast guy who is spending his post-marathon recovery time answering more questions about his training...

Maurice Tarrant Interview

© Copyright - 2009 - Athletics Illustrated Maurice Tarrant of Victoria, BC holds or has held 59 Canadian age-group road and track records spanning distances from 3,000-metres to the half-marathon. He turns 80 in less than a year from now...

Eric Kaiuka Interview

© Copyright - 2008 - Athletics Illustrated Eric Kiauka races the Esquimalt 8k in (Esquimalt) Victoria, BC, just another local road race where a few hundred runners, joggers and walkers join in on the somewhat hilly, summer offering. He comfortably...

Scott Simpson Interview

© Copyright – 2009 – Athletics Illustrated Twenty-nine year old Scott Simpson is an athlete and physiotherapist, plying both trades in Victoria, British Columbia. Originally from Sackville, New Brunswick. He is, at least on the outside, the epitome of sedate when...

Cheryl Murphy Interview

© Copyright - 2009 - Athletics Illustrated Cheryl Murphy has no time for small talk and less time for interviews; she's a busy woman. Murphy is a physiotherapist who runs her own practice and a mother of two young boys....

Steve Osaduik Interview

© Copyright - 2008 - Athletics Illustrated Steve Osaduik, from Nanaimo, BC competed in the NCAA  for division 1 for Northern Arizona University. He was a transfer from from Seton Hall in New Jersey. He competed four times in the IAAF...

Gary Reed Interview

© Copyright - 2009 - Athletics Illustrated Gary Reed is one of the fastest 800 metre runners in the world. Currently he possesses a personal best of 1:43.68, which happens to be the Canadian record and a time that is...

Simon Bairu Interview

© Copyright - 2010 - Athletics Illustrated Simon Bairu of Regina, Saskatchewan who is currently being coached by Jerry Schumacher, is one of the greatest distance runners in Canadian history and he is on one heck of a hot streak. Amongst...

Martin Fagan Interview

© Copyright – 2009 – Athletics Illustrated Martin Fagan broke the Irish half-marathon record on Saturday, March 14th., finishing in 60:57. He was racing the Fortis City Pier City Half Marathon in The Hague, Netherlands. Martin bettered the 21-year-old national...

Antonio Cabral Interview

  © Copyright – 2011 – Athletics Illustrated Athletics coach, Antonio Cabral of Lisbon, Portugal may best be known for his distance running method that at first glance harkens back to the 1950s and that of legendary coach, Mihaly Igloi however,...
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