Story updated, May 21, 2016

Beer two-mile record ratified by Kingston Beer Mile, the worldwide governing body. This image indicates less than 10ml per bottle not consumed, well under the standard allowable amount of 29ml per bottle.













Photo from previous attempt.

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Supermaster beer mile world record holder, Jim Finlayson of Victoria, BC took another crack at beer miling tonight at the Jack Wallace Memorial Track; in fact he went for the two-mile world record. He was looking to go under the current open world best of 13:23, which is held by Aussie Josh Harris – one of the top beer milers all-time with the sixth fastest time in the world at 4:56.2.

Finlayson smashed the world record with a running of 11:39, however, the video will need to be reviewed as he splashed the smallest of beer hiccups before the race was over – not a full-blown spew; he saved that for after the race. In fact, at about 20-metres into the eighth lap he tried in earnest to get some to come up – to get it over with.

“I tried so hard to vomit there! I figured if it was going to come out let’s just get it out, but I couldn’t,” said Finlayson.

Finlayson is a former owner of the beer mile world record with his 5:09 performance from 2007. That record has been bettered on several occasions, however, since turning 40 Finlayson has taken the super-masters beer mile world record with his 5:01.24 performance from 2015. He has also run as fast as 5:01.92.

The brew of choice tonight was the Phillips Slipstream Cream Ale.

It is dark amber in colour and is a malt-forward ale that is highlighted with hints of brown sugar and hazelnuts. Finn’s choice is a bottle, twist-off offering Kingston Beer Mile-legal alcohol content of 5.0%.

Slipstream is light on the hops and is an easy-drinking flavour-full ale, brewed in Victoria by Phillips Brewery.

Also in the field tonight was single beer mile runner Nick Walker, who ran a new personal best of 5:54. “I am happy getting below six minutes as that was my target. It is tough going up against Jim and he was going twice as long, with twice as much beer,” said a glowing Walker.

Asked about the former two-mile record at 13:23 being perhaps soft, Finlayson said, “I think someone can go sub-11:00 if they don’t vomit and have to run a penalty lap.”

The five fastest beer mile times and nine of the top 11 all-time are owned by Canadian athletes. The current world best time is an incredible 4:47.00 by Lewis Kent.

Finlayson thrice competed in the IAAF World Cross Country Championships, is a University of Michigan and Victoria Alumnus and Canadian marathon champion.