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“I pick-up more beer
tabs, than I pick-up beer bills
or toss at beer miles”
— Beer Mile Haiku

Canadians Corey Bellemore and Jim Finlayson seek to take down two respective World Beer Mile records Saturday in Chicago.

Bellemore, from Tecumseh, ON already owns at least two of the fastest beer mile times in history. His current world record was set in 2021 at 4:28.1 in Manchester, UK. He successfully downed the required volume of bottled, Flying Monkeys Lager at an ABV of 5%. He is looking to go faster.

“With it being in the middle of the track session, I’m ready to throw down,” shared the 28-year-old middle-distance runner (as opposed to throwing up). “I want it to be done as quickly as it can be. Praying to the stomach gods to allow everything to cooperate. A new world record is the goal!” 

Corey Bellemore during 2018 World Beer Mile Championships in Burnaby, BC

In 2018, Bellemore ran 4:24.4 in Burnaby, BC (Greater Vancouver), however, was disqualified for leaving too much beer behind, an amount equivalent to a single sud’s bubble — rules are rules and he took it in good stride; water beer under the bridge.

As for Jim Finlayson, holder of the super master beer mile world record as well as the former open two-mile world record thinks Bellemore can go faster for sure. “Bellomore could break the record and go faster than 4:25,” shared Finlayson.

As for his own record attempt, the former open record holder is now in the 50-plus age group. In the event, he is considered a legend. But he may be better known as Cam Levins’ coach — yes, the Cam Levins who holds the North American record in the marathon at 2:05:36.

“Hopefully [I can run] sub-5:40. I think I am in that range if the beers go down ok. The record is 6:17 I think, but beermile.com doesn’t seem to have the category records anymore.”

Finlayson is rarely wrong and happens to be an algorithm-inventing math wiz.

Shelby Houlihan

American Shelby Houlihan who is serving a suspension for allegedly doping will be racing for the first time since 2021. The athlete at the centre of Burritogate will not be in the championships portion of the race, however, could indeed go for the women’s world record.

The current world record is held by American Allison Grace Morgan who won drinking a Bud Light Platinum. Or more accurately four Bud Light Platinums. Right on her heels is Elizabeth Laseter with her best of 6:17.80.

Shelby Houlihan from Victoria Track Classic

Lasiter is in the race, she is the American record holder and has run an unofficial 6:15.

Grace Morgan is back, but can she deal with Lasiter? Only time (and beer) will tell.

Over $15,000 is available in prize money. The event will be streamed live via YouTube. See all the details at Beermile.com.

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