Fredrick Seno, the coordinator of Botswana National Anti-Doping, confirmed that one of the four member of the 400-metre relay team tested positive for banned drugs. The team may be banned from an upcoming international competition happening in the Bahamas.

“It is unfortunate that we continue to encounter these challenges,” he said.

The four members who competed in the 2023 Budapest World Athletics Championships are Zibane Ngozi, Baboloki Thebe, Laone Ditshetelo and Leungo Scotch. The team made the final but were disqualified.

The doping situation is exacerbated by what Seno describes as a lack of cooperation from the Botswana Athletics Association (BAA). Seno accused association of neglecting their role in anti-doping education, a requirement set by World Athletics.

“We need that list to plan our anti-doping education and testing,” Seno added.

In response to the allegations, BAA general manager Pinkie Wilson said, “The BAA is committed to anti-doping efforts. We provide extensive online courses for our athletes, covering not just anti-doping, but also vital aspects of an athlete’s life like financial management.”

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