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Cameron Levins will be competing in the Harry Jerome Track Classic tomorrow, in the 1500-metre event.

Levins has demonstrated excellent range throughout his post-collegiate career and intends to continue to use it. Known for high mileage and big kicks, Levins will drop down to the 1500-metres tomorrow at Swangard Stadium in Vancouver, but does not have specific expectations.

“[Yes] I am doing the 1500m,” said the Canadian 10,000-metre record holder. “I am just looking to get a good race in.”

Asked about what sort of time he will be looking for he added, “It would be nice to run a fast time but overall I just want to get in an under-distance race.”

The latter statement could mean anything. For example, at the Canadian Track and Field Championships last year, the athletes kept their effort in-check, expecting Levins to turn the screws and eventually wear everyone else down; it didn’t come. In fact the race was so slow it was the talk of the meet.

With 300-metres remaining Victoria’s Thomas Riva, who is also known to have a kick, took matters into his own hands and dropped the hammer, when he rounded the final corner, he just hung on for the win.

“It was a bizarre race to be honest. Like I just couldn’t believe how slow it had gone off,” said the former University of Victoria Vike athlete. “I think everyone was just keying off of what Cam was going to do and expected some long drawn out push, that never occurred.”

Riva was pleased with the result no less and will toe-the-line with Levins again tomorrow in the 1500m.

Levins is known for his prowess as a 10,000-metre runner, but also happens to own a fast 1500m personal best time of 3:36.88 from 2013, which isn’t far off of the Rio Olympic standard of 3:36.20.

Asked if he plans to run the 5,000m/10,000m double in Rio as he did during the 2012 London Olympic Games he said, “Yes, if I’m selected for the 5000m and 10,000m, I’m planning on competing in both.”

Levins owns the national record in the 10,000m at 27:07.51 and has run the 5,000m as fast as 13:15.19. He finished 11th and 14th in the two events, respectively in London. He owns a bronze medal from the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

The Harry Jerome Track Classic is part of the five-meet National Track League, which includes events in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Guelph and Halifax.