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The senior men’s 2014 Canadian Cross Country Championships, taking place on Saturday, November 29th should be a fantastic show of competition for spectators wanting to watch some exciting racing action at Jericho Beach in Vancouver, BC. Athletes will be competing for a spot on the national team that will be competing in the 2015 NACAC Championships taking place in Trinidad and Tobago on March 7th 2015. There is also the 2015 IAAF World Cross Country Championships that will happen three weeks later on March 28th in Guiyang, Guizhou, China.

The defending senior men’s champion Luc Bruchet told Athletics Illustrated, “My goals for the race are to go out and compete. I imagine, with this being a world cross country year, winning will be much harder. That being said I would like to put myself in a position to run at Worlds in China”.

Bruchet, who runs for Point Grey Track and Field Club, will be up against a strong field of fit athletes including fellow, Vancouver-based steeplechase specialist Chris Winter who represents the Speed River Track Club of Guelph, Ontario. He finished second in 2013. “I’m really looking forward to this year’s national champs. I took a good long break after the Commonwealth Games this past summer and was patient with my build up. It’s just been the past couple of weeks where I’ve really started to see my fitness come around and that makes me excited. I love cross country and I love racing at Jericho Beach. It’s some of the muddiest, gnarliest cross-country running you’ll ever find and I think it’s a blast for both us as runners and for the crowd watching. I’m looking forward to getting out there and testing myself against some of the best runners in Canada!”

Winter will have a few teammates toeing-the-line. According to Speed River coach Chris Moulton, “Our other senior guys competing are Alex Genest, Taylor Milne, Barry Britt and Matt Jurysta.  All are in good shape I would say Britt is in the best shape of his life.  Taylor is quite fit as he ran a solo 23:54 8K on a winding road recently.  Genest ran 24:24 this past weekend in a race he won by over three minutes and of course Winter won the BC Cross Country Championships.”

Britt finished in fifth position in the 2013 edition, 37 seconds back of winner Bruchet. Britt at the time was representing the Saint John’s Track and Field Club. Look for the above-mentioned athletes to make up most or all of the top ten positions. The top 20 finishers from 2013 are listed below.

The 18th place finisher from 2013, Declan White has shown improvement over the past year, “things have been going well after coming off an injury, and yes I’m always going to give it my all and definitely have my eyes open and looking for a spot on that national team.”

This is the final year of championships at Jericho Beach in Vancouver of a four-year cycle that Athletics Canada offers sites to host the cross country championships. The event will move east to Kingston, Ontario for 2015 through 2018.

Lucas Bruchet 31:38.39 Y POINT GREY TRACK & FIELD

Chris Winter 31:44.91 Y Speed River West

Aaron Hendrikx 31:50.97 Y LONDON RUNNER DISTANCE CL

Ryan Cassidy 32:03.71 Y O2

Barry Britt 32:16.98 Y SAINT JOHN TRACK & FIELD


Robin Watson 32:22.94 Y POINT GREY TRACK & FIELD


Saheed Khan 32:36.94 Y Central Toronto Athletic

Theo Hunt 32:38.04 Y POINT GREY TRACK & FIELD

Charles Philibert-Thibout 32:55.18 Y C. A. University

Clifford Childs 33:00.45 Y RUNNING ROOM ATHLETIC CLU

Geoffrey Martinson 33:01.03 Y PRAIRIE INN HARRIERS RACI

Allan Brett 33:07.15 Y SPEED RIVER TRACK & FIELD

Pier-Olivier Laflamme 33:13.22 Y Coureur Nordique

Andrew Kowalsky 33:15.00 Y

Emmanuel Boisvert 33:17.62 Y C. A. University

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Breakdown of the Senior Women Race, click here.
Breakdown of the Senior Men’s Race, click here.
Breakdown of the Junior Women’s Race, click here.
Breakdown of the Junior Men’s Race, click here.

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