Athletics Canada

The Olympic and Paralympic Trials presented by Bell won’t look like any other Trials before. With no fans, an altered program, and a smaller roster of athletes competing, this annual event will be different.

With so many obstacles and restrictions involved to keep everyone safe, one thing guided the long journey to make the Trials happen.

It’s all about the athletes.

Hear from athletes, coaches, and high-performance leaders about how there is just something special about a National Championship and an Olympic and Paralympic Trials.

While there will be no spectators June 25 to 27 at Claude Robillard Sports Complex in Montreal, Athletics Canada’s high performance leadership team will be watching closely. With the Games approaching quickly, they will be looking for one thing: performance on demand.

“You want to see resilience in an athlete’s performance at Trials,” said Athletics Canada’s Head Coach Glenroy Gilbert. “Even if it doesn’t present the same way we’re used to, with the fans and the overlay of the track, this is similar to what we may encounter when we get to Tokyo. We’re always looking for athletes to perform on demand, which calls for you to be at your very best at your Olympic Trials.”

“What we’re trying to get all the athletes to do is perform on-demand,” echoed Simon Nathan, Athletics Canada’s High Performance Director. “As part of that process, there’s also a huge amount of pride in being National Champion. Regardless of circumstances, only a small number of people ever get to be a National Champion in their event.”

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