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LewisOlympic athlete Carl Lewis, also known as an egomaniacal loudmouth, failed actor, failed senator, failed brand-endorser and failed cheater, called out current long jump champion Greg Rutherford’s Olympic gold medal performance as pathetic. Meanwhile Lewis’s personal best was wind-aided and apparently drug-fuelled.

Lewis, along with 99 other American track and field athletes tested positive for banned substances yet were allowed to compete during the Seoul Olympics. Lewis tested positive for pseudoephedrine, ephedrine and phenylpropanolamine, which are banned stimulants as well as bronchodilators.

Lewis, as most people will now have forgotten, because who wants to remember an egomaniacal loudmouth, ran the 100-metres in the time of 9.86.

While his best long-jump performance was wind-aided and drug-fuelled, his apparent *drug-aided 100-metre sprint best is now only the 100th fastest all-time and that’s after Ben Johnson’s performances were removed.

Ironically, Lewis said that if he was jumping 7.9m, he would ask the officials to call the jump a foul, “you must have standards,” he said. By that standard, how is his 100-metre sprint, which is 100th best all-time much better than Rutherford’s long jump best, which is similarly 117th best all-time? It isn’t, Lewis is just an egomaniacal loudmouth.

As a failed drug-taker, Lewis was slower than the following athletes who have also tested positive or have been implicated in drug scandals: Tyson Gay (9.69), Yohan Blake (9.69), Asafa Powell (9.72), Justin Gatlin (9.74), Ben Johnson (9.79), Maurice Greene (9.79), Steve Mullings (9.80), Richard Thompson (9.82), John Smith (9.85) and Mike Rodgers (9.85). Now that’s pathetic.

There is no winning when you are always losing. For example, how do you lose a Coca-Cola endorsement contract when you are a four-time Olympic gold medallist, before the drug revelations are aired? You don’t, unless you are Carl Lewis, an egomaniacal loudmouth. Apparently Coca-Cola considered giving Lewis an endorsement contract, but when they got close to him they bottled their enthusiasm and walked away.

In one of the all-time biggest bonehead moves in big-time sports, he turned down Coca-Cola as he thought he would receive larger endorsement contracts elsewhere, when he went crawling back to Coca-Cola, they said, “no”. Eventually Nike also walked away from the egomaniacal loudmouth.

In 2011, Lewis put his name forward to run as a Democrat in the New Jersey Senate. He was turned down as he did not live in New Jersey. He must have failed geography, since he apparently did not realize that he was living in Houston, TX.

As a failed actor, he couldn’t even make it playing himself. Now that’s pathetic. He played himself in Perfect Strangers, Speed Zone, Alien Hunter and Material Girls. A Hollywood spokesperson said, “We already have enough people who can play egomaniacal loudmouths, why would we hire an athlete that is fading into the wallpaper of drug controversies?”

You don’t.

In the ultimate letdown Lewis was rejected by the men’s 4 x 100m relay team during the 1996 Athens Olympic Games. In an opportunity to become the athlete to win the most Olympic gold medals all-time he was planning to run and displace one of the current athletes that was on the team. He audaciously demanded to run the anchor leg of the relay, despite missing the mandatory relay training camp. Perhaps he thought training camp was being  held in Houston, New Jersey.

They competed without him.

*Carl Lewis’s three positive drug tests where stimulants were detected showed up in two parts-per-million as well as four and six ppm. The legal limit has since been raised to over six ppm.