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Book and movie reviews

Book Review: The Unforgiving Line

© Copyright - 2020 - Athletics Illustrated Title: The Unforgiving Line Author: Paul C Maurer Pages: 268 Publisher: Lulu Press ISBN: 978-0-359-94494-1 The Unforgiving Line, by author Paul C Maurer,...

Book Review: The Complete History of Cross-Country Running

Title: The Complete History of Cross-Country Running Author: Andrew Boyd Hutchinson Pages: 287 Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc. ISBN print: 978-1-63144-076-2 ISBN e-book: 978-1-63144-077-9 The Complete History of Cross-Country Running is...

Book Review: The Kiwi Runners’ Family Tree Volume One: 1800s-1999

Title: The Kiwi Runners’ Family Tree Volume One 1800s - 1999Published: 2020ISBN: 9780473523671Author: Dreydon SobanjaPublisher: Inspired Kids LtdPages: 142Buy it here>>

Movie Review: The Game Changers, short on credibility and science

© Copyright - 2020 - Athletics Illustrated The Game Changers is marketed as a documentary on the benefits of a plant-based diet to fuel performance,...

Movie Review: Runner, a must see film

“A powerfully inspirational tale that could tide you over until the next Olympics.” “There are so many fascinating aspects to Runner that one barely knows where to begin.” “if you’re not sobbing…you’re likely made of stern stuff.” — Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

Movie watch: Runner: One Man’s Journey from Refugee to Olympian Athletics Illustrated is provided with a 72-hour watch window of this story of a Sudanese runner, who literally ran away from war-torn Sudan after...

Book Review: Running to the Edge

© Copyright - 2019 - Athletics Illustrated Title: Running to the Edge Author: Martin Parnell Published: November 22, 2016 Language: English ISBN: 978-1-77160-172-6 (paperback) ISBN: 978-1-77160-172-3 (electronic) Pages: 192 Publisher: RMB |...
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