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Renato Canova – Interview – London Olympic Games

© Copyright - 2012 - Athletics Illustrated Famed Italian coach Renato Canova, coaches many of the fastest distance runners in the world and advises many...

The Theo Quax interview

© Copyright - 2018 - Athletics Illustrated Theo Quax is a middle-distance runner from Auckland, New Zealand, who specialises in the 1500-metre event. He also...

The Mike Tate interview

© Copyright - 2018 - Athletics Illustrated Quietly it seems, Heatherton, Nova Scotia’s Mike Tate took down fellow Canadian Cameron Levins’ Southern Utah University school...

Interview with the legendary Mad Max Telford

© Copyright - 2016 - Athletics Illustrated  Max Telford is one of the world’s all-time greatest ultra-distance runners. He competed when ultra-runners were considered eccentrics;...

Sodium Bicarbonate study: Canadian Exercise Physiologist Trent Stellingwerff and international team reveal its benefits

Canadian Exercise Physiologist Trent Stellingwerff in an international team studied the potential benefits of sodium bicarbonate supplementation in elite, world-class level rowers

The Taryn O’Neill interview

© Copyright - 2018 - Athletics Illustrated Canada’s Taryn O’Neill will be attending Villanova University starting with the 2018-2019 school year.  The Lake Country, British...

Yuki Kawauchi Interview

Translation by: Yuichi Takahashi © Copyright - 2014 - Athletics Illustrated Yuki Kawauchi is known as the “citizen runner,” for training and racing at a world-class...

The John Walker Interview

© Copyright - 2013 - Athletics Illustrated Sir John Walker of New Zealand was the greatest middle-distance runner of his era and had few peers...

Jessica Smith – Interview

© Copyright - 2012 - Athletics Illustrated Jessica Smith of North Vancouver, British Columbia will be competing in the 2012 London Olympic Games in the...

The Liz McColgan Interview

© Copyright - 2020 - Athletics Illustrated Liz McColgan is one of Scotland’s (and the UK’s) all-time great distance runners. During the 1980-90s era, she...
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