Chris Wardlaw Interview

© Copyright - 2013 - Athletics Illustrated Two-time Olympian Chris Wardlaw of Australia may be better known for his role in athletics as a coach,...

Ron Clarke Interview

Aussie Interviews here © Copyright - 2014 - Athletics Illustrated Ron Clarke is one of the greatest Australian athletes of all-time. The case can be made...

Sodium Bicarbonate study: Canadian Exercise Physiologist Trent Stellingwerff and international team reveal its benefits

Canadian Exercise Physiologist Trent Stellingwerff in an international team studied the potential benefits of sodium bicarbonate supplementation in elite, world-class level rowers

Ingrid Kristiansen Interview

© Copyright - 2014 - Athletics Illustrated Ingrid Kristiansen was the first athlete to win world titles in all three running disciplines of track, road...

The Brogan MacDougall interview

© Copyright - 2018 - Athletics Illustrated Brogan MacDougall won the U Sport Cross Country Championships (Canadian national university championships) on November 15 at Fort...

The Rod Dixon Interview

The Rod Dixon interview by Christopher Kelsall of Athletics Illustrated

Laurier Primeau Interview

© Copyright - 2015 - Athletics Illustrated The 2015 Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) Canada West Coach of the Year, Laurier Primeau just accepted the Head...

Dick Quax Interview

© Copyright - 2014 - Athletics Illustrated Legendary New Zealand distance runner, Dick Quax, competed at an international level in distances from as short as...

Bertil Johansson – Lethbridge College Kodiaks

© Copyright - 2011 - Athletics Illustrated Bertil Johansson’s title at Lethbridge College may read as ‘Athletics Coach’, but there is so much more to...

Dr. Kenneth Kunz interview – lower cancer rates among middle and long-distance runners

© Copyright - 2015 - Athletics Illustrated “My academic life, which you know is centered around using my 30-plus years in the field of medicine...
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