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When Sheldon thought he had a good idea

© Copyright - 2013 - Athletics Illustrated Sheldon, a co-worker, friend and running partner of mine thought he had a good idea once. I will...

The Stunning Removal of Wrestling from The Olympic Games

© Copyright - 2013 - Athletics Illustrated On Tuesday, February 12th, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) made a stunning and highly criticized move to strip...
Isaiah Kiplagat, Kenya Flag, Kenyan Flag, Athletics Kenya

Are National Athletics Federations Doing Enough to help WADA?

© Copyright - 2012 - Athletics Illustrated Are athletics federations doing enough to support WADA in suspending athletes who test positive for performance enhancing drugs? Athletics...

Andrew Maloney on Lance Armstrong and Ben Johnson

© Copyright - 2012 - Athletics Illustrated Ben Johnson - 30 for 30 If you have spent the last twenty-five years getting over the drama and...

World Marathon Majors – A pointless series

© Copyright - 2012 - Athletics Illustrated The World Marathon Majors series is pointless and does not accomplish what it has set out to do....

Why wasn’t the USA Disqualified?

© Copyright - 2012 - Athletics Illustrated Update: May 13, 2015: USA stripped of 2012 Olympic silver medal. I have received a great volume of email...

The False Start Rule – An Abject Failure

© Copyright - 2012 - Athletics Illustrated The  current zero-tolerance false start rule for the sprints is an abject failure in marketing and will only...

Classy Cameron Levins – NCAA Division 1, 10,000m Champion

© Copyright - 2012 - Athletics Illustrated Cameron Levins of Black Creek, British Columbia (on Vancouver Island) is one of the classiest athletes in the...

Simon Bairu – Achieving Standard

© Copyright - 2012 - Athletics Illustrated Canadian 10,000m record holder Simon Bairu, is in no way a shoe-in to represent Canada at the 2012...

High mileage and low injury rate: preparing the modern runner for Lydiard

© Copyright - 2012 - Athletics Illustrated By Rene Borq Injury rates in runners for the past 60 years make depressing reading for any runner and...
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