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Race Video: 2018 World Beer Mile Classic

© Copyright - 2018 - Athletics Illustrated

2014 Canadian Cross Country Championships: Men’s Senior Race

© Copyright - 2014 - Athletics Illustrated

Canadian Cross Country Championships – Jr. Women’s Race

© Copyright - 2013 - Athletics Illustrated

Men’s 800m – Christie-Phoenix Insurance Victoria Run Series – June 4, 2016

See Geoff's post-race  video interview, here>> © Copyright - 2016 - Athletics Illustrated

Watch Mo Ahmed race 13:01.74 Canadian 5,000m record

Unfortunately there may have been a copyright infringement between the YouTube channel owner who posted this video and the broadcaster. Video has been removed...

Six 100m sprint race – 2016 UBC Open

© Copyright - 2016 - Athletics Illustrated    

Victoria Run Series: Fiona Benson’s 800m race in 2:01.58

© Copyright - 2015 - Athletics Illustrated This race featuring Fiona Benson, Rachel Francois, Hilary Stelligwerff, Kate Van Buskirk, Alyssa Mousseau, Erica Digby and Miryam...

2019 TC10K race video – lead runners

© Copyright - 2019 - Athletics Illustrated Warning: some of the video footage is shaky due to road work. The 2019 TC10K race video includes footage...
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