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Video interviews with athletes, coaches and organisers.

Alexa Dow interview: 2022 BC Cross Country Championships

© Copyright - 2022 - Athletics Illustrated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BayGqtyQDEk *Text overlay in video incorrectly indicates (U18).Alexa Dow won the U16 women's race at the 2022 BC...

Video: Vancouver Thunderbirds post-race reaction to distance medley relay national record

© Copyright - 2021 - Athletics Illustrated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScJ_UXrpRzY Vancouver Thunderbirds won the Distance Medley Relay at the 2021 BC Endurance Challenge. The meet took place...

Maor Tiyouri interview: 2019 GoodLife Fitness Victoria 8K

© Copyright - 2019 - Athletics Illustrated Mair Tiyouri is a Boulder, Colorado athlete training under the legendary Steve Jones. She is originally from Isreal...

Jared Tallent interview: 2012 London Olympic gold medallist asks World Athletics to direct recovered...

© Copyright - 2021 - Athletics Illustrated https://youtu.be/3xvl5NnNn8k Jared Tallent 2012 London Olympic gold medallist and three-time Olympian talks about his career and how it was...

Josh Kozelj interview – 2017 Bazan Bay 5K

© Copyright - 2017 - Athletics Illustrated

Interview with Thomas Riva, Adam Gaudes and John Pratt

© Copyright - 2013 - Athletics Illustrated  

2015 Pioneer 8K: Theo Hunt Interview

© Copyright - 2015 - Athletics Illustrated
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