From Inside the Games

Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko met International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) President Sebastian Coe at the renovated Dinamo Stadium in Minsk – and reminded him about plans to hold the first-ever international track and field event between Europe and the United States there in September 2019.

It came as Simon Clegg, the executive director of the 2019 European Games that will take place in Minsk between June 21 and 30, praised the swiftness with which the 22,000-capacity sports arena has been redeveloped with a year to go before the Games get underway.

“The Dinamo Stadium in Minsk impresses with its scale and atmosphere,” Clegg said, according to BelTA.

“I believe we will be able to hold an amazing Opening Ceremony for the second European Games and athletics competitions.”

Lukashenko told Coe: “I have delivered my part of the promises.

“We have upgraded the stadium.

“Now we need to arrange good, solid competitions here.”

Coe responded: “You have fulfilled and even over-fulfilled your promise.

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