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Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews’ falling down move to withdraw from hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games continues to suffer repercussions. Already his political career seems doomed. Additionally, various Australian politicians including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese are needing to respond to demands that Australia find another host city. Now the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) is seeking financial payment for damages.

The CGF is apparently demanding AUD $500 million (£262 million/$337 million USD) to compensate for the crisis that Andrews has plunged the organisation into.

Money received is expected to be used to help a replacement city put on the Games in 2026.

Victoria Opposition Leader John Pesutto said, “Here we are, day six and we are still waiting for details of the costs of the Commonwealth Games debacle.”

“[Andrews] needs to explore ways to stage the Commonwealth Games in Australia. To restore the reputation that was damaged by Victoria’s snap decision to cancel them,” acting Opposition Leader Susan Ley told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Insiders today.

“I don’t accept that as our Prime Minister Anthony Albanese can step back and take no responsibility.

There will be discussions about the reputational damage to the CGF brand for the sudden cancellation. Although it is unlikely to end up in court, Victoria will need to compensate the CGF.

The 2022 Victorian state election was held on Saturday, November 26, 2022. One could bet that if Andrews’ wasn’t so early into his four-year term, he would not have pulled the plug. Expect the opposition to ride the cancellation and the fallout for the next 3.5 years.