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Enter to win a year of racing for free for all of 2022. All runners of every ability are welcome to apply.

As a pilot project Athletics Illustrated is launching a Vancouver Island racing team called the Panthers to compete throughout 2022. For at least six enthusiastic runners (hopefully three women and three men will make up the team) will compete for the club for one year for free. There is no catch and anyone of any ability may apply.

Join the Athletics Illustrated Panthers club or apply to race for free for one year on Vancouver Island and automatically become a Panther member. See below.

This logo earned the most votes of three that were created though social media crowdsourcing. Thanks to the 316 (and counting) voters.

Race for free for one year on Vancouver Island

It will all start with the first race of the year, the Harriers Pioneer 8K on Sunday, January 9, and includes all six races of the 2022 Island Race Series, as well as the TC10K, Royal Victoria Half Marathon or 8K, Thetis Lake Triple Series, Oak Bay Half Marathon, Vancouver Island Running Trail Series, and other races to be determined. Did we mention free?

All you have to do is apply by pitching your story/reason either in writing, by video, or photos why you deserve to race all year for free on Vancouver Island.

There are other top-secret incentives coming your way. Stay tuned, but don’t delay deadline is December 31 at 5:00 pm.

Guidelines for a successful entry:

  • First name, last name
  • Be willing (should you win or join club) to have your profile created and hosted at Athletics Illustrated with either video, photo, facts and data or all (will exclude personal information not directly related to running).
  • Be willing to wear the very cool and soon to be released Athletics Illustrated Panthers racing singlet. They are black and sleek. And sure, if you are in, call yourself a black Panther.
  • Tell us why you deserve to win and race for free for 2022 via video, photo or in writing or use a combination of the three to tell your story.
  • Submit entry to: info@athleticsillustrated.com by December 15, 2021.
  • Must be from Vancouver Island. You can race off-island too.
  • It’s okay to belong to another club. Being in two clubs at the same time is permitted. However paid entry to the club does not require you to live on the island.
  • Share your entry using social media. Don’t worry about the platform(s) that you are using, just ‘@’ us when you do: @Athillustrated and @A_I_Panthers on Twitter and Instagram: athletics_illustrated and Facebook: facebook.com/Athleticsillustrated.
  • This is not a competition for elite athletes only, although they are welcome too. What’s your story, is it interesting? Do you love running? Just started, been at it for a long time, fast and furious, or just furiously loving the jog, the run, the race? Let’s hear from you!
  • Participating sponsors (so far) are TC10K, Royal Victoria Half Marathon and 8K, Vancouver Island Race Series, Frontrunners and more coming — stay tuned (and more races too).

    *Racing is not mandatory. There may be conflicts, injuries, rough days, events may be cancelled or postponed. There is no cost to enter contest, or barriers of any sort.