Looking for a media format to see your work displayed? Athletics Illustrated is looking for content. Feel free to contribute.

The purpose of the site is to illustrate the sport of athletics, not to wrestle with the Breaking news fight. Breaking news can be found everywhere, well-researched, compelling and exciting work is unique. Rise from the clutter!

Athletics Illustrated is currently looking for:

The written word – Interviews are welcome however, opinion, profiles, humour and well-researched articles on anything to do with athletics are sought. See the IAAF’s definition of the sport of Athletics on the home page.

Video – Contribute material from races, video journalism, interviews. Shoot in 1080P.

Photography – What a great way to promote your growing body of photographic work and to have it displayed on a site dedicated to the sport of athletics. And of course we will be linking back to your site.

Contribute and with your submission please provide a short bio and a click-thru link. A picture is still worth a thousand words and probably always will be however, Athletics Illustrated is seeking great photos of international and national-level athletes competing or training in the sport of athletics. Regional and local competition count too, but they should be newsworthy or powerful or tell a great story within itself please provide a short caption.

Permission and ownership:

Your submission(s), if used by ©Athletics Illustrated, will become the exclusive material of and possession of Athletics Illustrated. By your submission you agree to relinquish ownership and possession of said content. Material must not have been published in any way shape or form on any media whatsoever, including and not limited to other website(s), web-blogs, radio, television, print in any form, previous to your submission to Athletics Illustrated. With the exception of video. Video material is permitted to be currently hosted at dedicated video hosting sites including and not limited to Youtube and Vimeo.


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