From Inside the Games

Michael Rotich, Kenya’s athletics team manager at the 2016 Olympic Games, has been charged with alleged involvement in a doping conspiracy in the country.

According to The Star, Rotich, sent home in disgrace from Rio 2016 following allegations he took bribes to forewarn athletes about doping tests, conspired to unlawfully promote the use of prohibited substances to athletes in Kenya.

He appeared in court earlier this week and was granted bail pending the start of the trial, which the Nairobi-based daily newspaper reported will start on July 23.

Rotich is accused of being involved in the widespread doping saga within Kenyan athletics, where numerous competitors in the sport have failed drugs tests.

According to the prosecution, Rotich is among the sports officials to have used the St Lukes Orthopedics and Trauma Hospital in Eldoret to commit the alleged doping offences.

Eldoret has been at the centre of the suspicions of doping in Kenyan athletics.

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