Perhaps this move will remove any potential prejudice or conflict of interest.

From Inside the Games

Independent adjudicators selected by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) will assume control from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of all anti-doping decisions at this year’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, including handing out sanctions.

The move follows discussions between CAS and IOC lawyers.

It was formally approved by the IOC’s ruling Executive Board at a meeting here today.

A special CAS Anti-Doping Division will be set-up to hear and decide on all cases instead of the IOC Disciplinary Commission.

They will also conduct subsequent re-analysis of samples taken at the Games.

Between one and three arbitrators, all of whom are doping specialists, will hear each case, with all from a separate division to those involved in appeals cases.

Lawyers working on a pro bono basis would also be available to defend anyone under investigation, which could include coaches and members of an entourage, as well as athletes.

This process is set to begin at Rio 2016 and will be employed at all subsequent Olympic Games.

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