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Damian Warner, who broke the Olympic decathlon record during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games has earned one of Canada’s highest sporting honours as a Lou Marsh Trophy recipient. The award goes annually to Canada’s best athlete.

The 32-year-old London, ON native, received the trophy after his record-breaking performance in Tokyo. He led all 10 events that make up the decathlon. He is just the fourth person ever to break the 9,000-point benchmark. He is the first Canadian to win the Olympic decathlon. He earned the bronze during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

The London, Ont., native was also named Canada’s flag-bearer for the closing ceremony as the gold medalist.

Apparently, Lou Marsh exhibited racist tendencies. In light of this, Canadians have asked that the trophy be renamed. Warner suggested that Terry Fox’s name be on the trophy, often considered the most respected Canadian personality all time.

Warner was profiled working out during the winter and the lead up to the Olympic Games in a hockey arena in Ontario. The pandemic prevented him from travelling to warmer climes.

Arguably Canada’s best hockey Player Connor McDavid was in the running for the trophy, as was Toronto Blue Jays player Vladimir Guerrero Jr. among others.