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Dave Proctor continues to chase the Guinness-recognized 7200-kilometre cross-Canada run record. He is nearly on goal pace and ahead of the westward record as set by the legendary Al Howie in 1991. Proctor left Victoria, BC on June 27.

Proctor, is nearing the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border. After 20 days of running, he has moved a total of approximately 2144K. After day 20 which was Monday, July 16 he accomplished another 109K over 11:31:59 of time on his feet and is approximately 30K from the Manitoba border.

Asked how he feels about the run and the support he has gotten so far in Western Canada, he told Athletics Illustrated, “Canadians are incredible. Every day out here on the road the support is amazing. It is like nothing I could have imagined. It fuels me to keep putting one foot in front of the other knowing that together we can make a difference for families living with rare disease. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Monday night, he tweeted that he had a successful day and that the fuelling went well.

Proctor is raising money for the Rare Disease Foundation in his run dubbed Outrun Rare. He is attempting to raise one million dollars and at the same time better Howie’s 72-day record by finishing in 66 days.

Currently, he is a little off of his goal pace but is moving faster than Howie’s record. Currently, he is on pace for between 67 and 68 days of running from Victoria to St. John’s, NFLD.

Video interview with Dave Proctor>>


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