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Update: January 6, 2020. The CAC is not investigating – see below.

Below is the latest update by Athletics Canada regarding the apparent investigation or review of Dave Scott-Thomas, former coach of the University of Guelph Gryphons and the Speed River Track and Field Club.

Since Scott-Thomas’s firing on December 17, 2019, the University of Guelph, Ontario Provincial Police, Guelph Police Service, RCMP and Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) have failed to respond with information regarding the supposed case.

The RCMP did respond with the following:

“The RCMP cannot confirm or deny that an investigation is taking place. Only if an investigation results in the laying of charges would we advise the nature of the charges laid and the identity of the individual(s) involved.”

-Cpl. Louise Savard.

The Coaching Association of Canada confirmed that they are not investigating:

“The CAC is not involved in any investigation regarding Dave Scott-Thomas. For additional information, we recommend you contact Athletics Canada.”

– Delaney Turner, Manager, Marketing & Communications

Apparently the Globe and Mail Newspaper continues to pursue the story.

Athletics Canada statement

On December 17, 2019, Athletics Canada terminated its Centre of Excellence agreement with the University of Guelph and the Speed River Track and Field Club after being informed by the University of Guelph of an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior by the Head Coach of each organization, Dave Scott-Thomas.

From the inception of Athletics Canada’s independent Commissioner’s Office in 2015, until being informed of the University of Guelph’s investigation on December 17, 2019, there had been no complaints registered against Mr. Scott-Thomas.

As a result of the University of Guelph investigation, Athletics Canada immediately, on the same day, referred this situation to its independent Commissioner’s Office for further investigation.  That same day, via registered mail, the Commissioner’s Office issued a notice of investigation to Mr. Scott-Thomas.

Since that time, additional information of a historical nature has come to light via a thorough search of Athletics Canada archival documentation.  This documentation has also been forwarded to the independent Commissioner’s Office.  This information spanned years from 2006 to 2013.

Athletics Canada encourages all affected parties, and anyone who has relevant information to this investigation, from no matter how long ago, to contact the Commissioner’s Office via email at athleticscommissioner@fowlie.ca.

Athletics Canada views ethical conduct as a cornerstone in the fair administration of the sport of athletics. Everyone participating in athletics as an athlete, coach, integrated support team member, administrator, volunteer or staff member is entitled to participate in an environment that is free of harassment or discrimination. Athletics Canada does not tolerate conduct from its members that is not in line with the organization’s code of conduct, core values and / or beliefs.

In order to help maintain a Safe Sport environment, in July 2015, Athletics Canada instituted the independent Commissioner’s Office, staffed with three independent Commissioner’s. It was the first office of its kind in a national sport organization (NSO) dedicated to resolving complaints independently from the NSO. Just recently, Athletics Canada engaged Sport Law & Strategy Group to conduct a full review of the Athletics Canada Commissioner’s Office and its terms of reference to ensure strong governance moving forward.

We are confident in our current process that infringements of this type of behaviour, whether illegal or immoral, will be addressed via our Code of Conduct, Bylaws and the independent Commissioner’s Office. For more on Athletics Canada’s Safe Sport practices please visit www.athletics.ca/safesport.

Source: Athletics Canada


  1. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the money laundering and financing of terrorist organizations investigations currently being performed by several policing and law enforcement agencies? There is substantive evidence that money is now being transferred in widespread “off-track betting” (especially those sporting events where you can also bet on results of drug testing) using amateur and youth sports (where you can also bet on Coach of the Year and other awards like MVP or MIP). In the US, I believe this falls under the RICO laws.


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