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Second-year Vike David Waller, originally from Halifax, took the 1000m race with a personal best of 2:30.56.

Asked about his tactics, he said, “sit on the pacer for 800m, then see what I have.”

In reference to carrying a piano on his back, laughing, he said, “I don’t think I was moving too fast over the final 200m.” 

Event 7 Men’s 1k (A)
Place Name Affiliation Time

1 Waller, David UVIC 2:30.56
2 Barber, Michael PIHR 2:30.99
3 Thibodeau, Matthew UVIC 2:31.26
4 Kuipers, Anton UVIC 2:35.69
5 Vail, Brandon UVIC 2:37.96
6 Grant, Eli UVIC 2:38.10
7 Holmgren, Aaron PTFC 2:38.86
8 Hopkins, Matt UVIC 2:40.65
9 Putz, Jake NTFC 2:49.25
— Seshadri, Benjamin UVIC DNF

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