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Dayna Pidhoresky did it. The Vancouverite originally from Tecumseh, ON became the first women to win the Around the Bay 30K four times, on Sunday.

There are two men who have won the Hamilton, ON event, the oldest distance race in North America, four times and three other women who have won three times.

“It was okay, perhaps not quite as windy as last year, but was colder,” said Pidhoresky. “I noticed it was a bit harder to breathe at that temperature since I’m not used to it.”

“Overall I am pleased to snag the win. I felt not bad but not great today.  Still battled some mental demons out there as one does in a race of that length, or at least I normally do.”

She won in 2011, finished second to Krista DuChene in 2012, finished first in 2015 and 2017. Her fastest time was 1:47:27, last year.

Her 2018 winning time was 1:49:38. The second female was master DuChene of Brantford, who crossed the line in 1:51:24. The third woman across the line was Kait Toohey from Princeton. She finished in 1:54:41.

DuChene has won the event twice and finished second twice and third once. She has a best of 1:47:13.

“The first 5K I aimed to not go out too fast as we wound out of the downtown, 5K-10K  was very straight and windy over several overpasses so that was challenging. The wind subsided slightly as we got into the rolling hills around 20K with a large hill at 26 and then a windy battle along a more flat section to the finish.  My pace was the most even I have ever run that race but not a personal best day for me,” added Pidhoresky.

“There are lots of good take-homes though. Took in all my gels which is a first and I am happy with my controlled and even effort. Wish I had more pep in my step and mental fortitude to push harder today and try to get a new personal best but a win is a win is a win and I won’t take that for granted on that tough course with a very respectable field,” she said.

The start temperature was apparently about -6 Celsius (22F).

Haron Sirma won the men’s race in the time of 1:35:10. Panuel Mkungo finished second stopping the clock at 1:35:49 and third was Kenneth Kosgei who crossed the line at the time of 1:36:00.

The first Canadian male was Guelph’s Reid Coolsaet, who finished fourth overall in the time of 1:36:55. He won the event in 2012 finishing in the time of 1:33:21.

The 2018 edition was the 124th running of the Around the Bay30K. It is the oldest long-distance road race in North America, including the B.A.A. Boston Marathon.