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The family of the late Zane Branson would like to thank the many people who helped make it possible to donate two defibrillators to the people in Iten and Eldoret, Kenya.

The larger defibrillator is placed at Iten County Referral Hospital and has diagnostic and emergency uses.  The smaller, portable defibrillator has been placed with elite runner, Wilson Chebet, to be used for the many athletes training as a group in Kimumu, Eldoret.  Wilson and others will be trained in CPR and the use of the defibrillator.

Zane died unexpectedly on July 25, 2015, of a heart attack.  As a manager of elite marathon runners, he was in Iten to watch many of his runners train on a “long run”.  While it is uncertain if a defibrillator would have saved Zane’s life, there was not one anywhere near this community of athletes nor available to their family or other citizens.  Zane spent most of his career working with athletes from Kenya and helping them have the opportunity to compete internationally with much success.  He loved the country, the beautiful views of the Kerio Valley, the wildlife and the determination and hard work of the many young men and women who were so talented in running marathons.   He generously was committed to helping them be successful winning marathons and being able to contribute to improving their lives as well as their families’ and communities they lived in.

More than 75 people from the United States, England, Sweden, and Netherlands donated almost $9000 to make this gift possible.  Additionally, Covenant Presbyterian Church in Roanoke, VA and CitiHope International helped provide donation avenues as well as the coordination of transferring the money to purchase the equipment in Kenya.  We could not have done it without the help of everyone mentioned as well at the wonderful coordination in Kenya with Bishop Julius Wafula Macheusi, Executive Director, Bethesda Missionary Fellowship of Kenya.

It has been a comfort to all of us to know that the tragedy of a life lost too early could be memorialized by helping2016_Aloha_Zane_Branson_Memorail_15k_February_4others.  It is also such a comfort to know that so many people, many of whom were strangers, are now connected across the globe through this simple and generous act of kindness.  Thank you so much for the part you had in making this possible.

Director of Ikaika Sports Davor Savija would like to thank following individuals and organizations for their support and care and for making Aloha Zane Branson Memorial 15K happen:

Mr. Spencer Nel of adidas International Marketing B.V. — For continued support and care.

Mr. Carlo Capalbo of RunCzech / Prague International Marathon — For continued support and for providing BIBs.

Mr. Joshua Chelanga — Host of Aloha Zane Branson Memorial 15K.

Mr. Paul Tergat — Neighbor of Mr. Joshua Chelanga.
Mogotio Police Station — For assuring security and road safety.

Mr. Di Maria — For working tirelessly as a field producer.
Mr. Rotich — For taking good care of BIBs, time keeping and logistics.
Mr. Stanley — For providing motorcycles and riders.

Mr. Yego — For providing vehicles, including leading and closing cars.

Mr. Komen and Ms. Tuwei — Chef and cook who provided delicious and nutritious meals for athletes and organizers.

  2016 Aloha Zane Branson Memorial 15K – February
First name Last name Time Base    
Wilfred Kimitei 44:13 Iten    
Edwin Kiptoo 44:14 Iten    
Emmanuel Sikiki 44:17 Iten    
Festus Talam 44:28 Iten    
Nicholas Korir 44:33 Iten    
Abraham Kipyatich 44:38 Iten    
Kenneth Keter 44:42 Iten    
Raymond Kemboi 44:46 Iten    
Noah Kigen 44:48 Iten    
Evans Cheruitot 44:55 Eldoret    
Timothy Kimeli 45:15 Iten    
Reuben Maiyo 45:24 Iten    
Eliud Mwangi 45:28 Iten    
David Maru 45:29 Kericho    
Stephen Biwott 45:30 Iten    
Frederich Koech 45:35 Iten    
Samuel Kiptoo 45:42 Iten    
Henry Chirchir 45:46 Kericho    
Erick Kosgei 45:50 Kericho    
Kenneth Kirui 46:11 Kericho    
Martin Kiminy 46:12 Iten    
Jacob Yator 46:16 Iten    
Kenneth Kimathi 46:18 Iten    
Josphat Kiptis 47:03 Iten    
Christopher Bett 47:09 Iten    
Boaz Kipyego 47:09 Iten    
Boyle Kigen 47:14 Iten    
Mark Lokwanamoi 47:15 Kaptagat    
Moses Kemei 47:17 Iten    
Stanley Siror 47:54 Nyahururu    
Duncan Kiptis 47:56 Iten    
Benjamin Kemboi 48:22 Iten    
Alex Kibarus 48:31 Iten    
Messi Kerich 48:35 Kericho    
Eliud Kiptoo 48:43 Iten    
Bernard Muindi 48:45 Nyahururu    
Robert Keror 48:50 Iten    
Geoffrey Budiei 49:19 Iten    
Mark Rotich 50:40 Iten    
Peter Ndegwa 52:05 Nyahururu    
Exekiel Sitienei DNF Iten