Lord Sebastian Coe, president of World Athletics called the Enhanced Games “bollocks,” when talking to the media before the start of the 2024 Glasgow World Athletics Indoor Championships.

Dr. Aron D’Souza, the man behind the Enhanced Games has taken exception to the comments and released a statement to the media.

Full statement from release

“Since we launched the Enhanced Games there has been a small but vocal line of establishment figures from analogue sports bureaucracies belittling our plans, with colourful descriptions such as “bollocks”, “horseshit”, and even the belief that we are “a joke”. This reaction tells me that we’ve hit a nerve. Also, it indicates an inability by some incumbents to string together a cohesive argument against what we’re doing – based on science or ethics – so they default to these juvenile insults. 

Encouragingly, the majority of responses have been serious and overwhelmingly positive. Many leaders of the Olympic movement, some of whom I’m sure Lord Coe would regard as being on his team, do appear to be excited about it and have engaged with us. Athletes, scientists, medical professionals and the viewing public are rallying behind our goal of using science to advance humanity through sport. 

I should also highlight that the Enhanced Games will allow both natural and enhanced athletes to compete side by side – with no requirement for anyone to be enhanced. We have been clear about this from the outset, and I can assure Lord Coe that there will be nothing ‘moronic’ about our athletes. 

Just this week, the Enhanced Games organised the inaugural Conference on Human Enhancement at the House of Lords of the British Parliament in London. The event, sponsored by Lord Stone of Blackheath, marked a pivotal moment in advancing the discourse on performance enhancements and anti-ageing technologies. The government and scientific leaders who attended know that the future of sports science isn’t ‘bollocks’, as Lord Coe suggested.

When thinking of tech and science-driven progress, it’s worth remembering that taxi drivers once thought Uber was a joke, just as Blockbuster Video famously thought of Netflix. But, as I always say, the future is not a joke. 

Lord Coe represents the analogue era of sports, which cherished the purity of the Game. We understand and respect that. But the Enhanced Games represents something new – the union of sports and science. He may call that bollocks, but name-calling won’t stop progress. 

The Enhanced Games are inevitable.”

Coe’s comments

“It’s bollocks, isn’t it? I can’t really get excited about it. There’s only one message. And that is if anybody is moronic enough to officially take part in it, and they are in the traditional part of our sport, they’ll get banned for a long time.

But I really don’t get sleepless nights about it,” said Coe.

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