Dylan-Armstrong-sequence-copy-1024x592The long arm of the law – at least with the law within the sporting world  – reached out and slapped Belarussian shot putter Andrei Mikhnevich. Mikhnevich has now officially been stripped of any records dating back eight years to August 2005. This provides Canada’s Dylan Armstrong with a silver and a bronze medal from two IAAF World Track and Field Championships.  The silver from the 2011 IAAF World Track and Field Championships and the bronze medal at the 2010 IAAF World Indoor Championships.

This sets a precedent, where athletes who think they are getting away with doping while in competition, can experience the long arm of the law reaching back and stripping the athlete, bringing to light their shameful, cheating habits.

At the Harry Jerome Track Classic website, Douglas Clement, wrote, “This action still leaves the issue of the 2008 Olympic Games results yet to be declared by the IOC.  It is expected that Kamloop’s Dylan Armstrong will be awarded the bronze medal for the Beijing Olympic Games.”

The case of Andrei MIKHNEVICH (BLR) which followed the IAAF’s re-testing of a selection of doping samples collected at the 2005 IAAF World Championships, Helsinki, Finland has now concluded with the sanction of ‘Lifetime ineligibility as from 26.12.12’ published in today’s IAAF Newsletter (IAAF NEWS 145).

The results of Andrei MIKHNEVICH (DOB 12.7.76) results are annulled from August 2005 beginning with his sixth place finish in the men’s Shot Put in Helsinki.

At a global IAAF championship level, MIKHNEVICH was the silver medallist at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in 2006 and 2010, and the bronze medallist at the 2007 and 2011 IAAF World Championships.

The revised results where it affects the top-three medal positions are as follows:

2006 World Indoor Championships:
1. Reese Hoffa USA 22.11
2. Joachim B. Olsen DEN 21.16
3. Pavel Sofin RUS 20.68

2007 World Championships:
1. Reese Hoffa USA 22.04
2. Adam Nelson USA 21.61
3. Rutger Smith NED 21.13

2010 World Indoor Championships:
1. Christian Cantwell USA 21.83
2. Ralf Bartels GER 21.44
3. Dylan Armstrong CAN 21.39

2011 World Championships:
1. David Storl GER 21.78
2. Dylan Armstrong CAN 21.64
3. Christian Cantwell USA 21.36

MIKHNEVICH was also bronze medallist at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and it is now for the IOC to decide on the annulment of his result in Beijing (and any consequent medal re-allocation).



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