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Scottish runner, Eilish McColgan, who had a banner year in 2022 capped off with the European, British, and Scottish 10K record at the Great Scottish Run, will have that one removed. The course was re-measured as 150 metres short. She finished in the time of 30:18.

Organizers blamed human error in that the course was not laid out according to how it was measured.

The half-marathon was not affected. However, a similar thing happened in 2016 when Callum Hawkins’ Scottish half-marathon record of 60:24 was also struck after the route was found to be nearly 150m short.

For McColgan’s performance, there were no red flags from her fast time as she holds four other national records and has run the 10,000m in the time of 30:19.02 at Hengelo in June 2022.

Organizers will meet to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. However, only offered a 10 per cent discount on the 2023 entry to those affected.

in a statement, Paul Foster of the Great Run company, said, “We have been in touch with Eilish to explain and to apologise.

“We will be reviewing our internal processes to ensure we cannot make this mistake again. There are no excuses for this happening and we’re very sorry. We know we’ve let our customers down.”