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Apparently, the Kenya-based Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is investigating and alleging that there is a conspiracy involving European media to tarnish the reputation of Kenyan athletes. Apparently, the modus operandi is to have World Athletics or the International Olympic Committee suspend Athletics Kenya from international competition in a similar fashion to Russia’s ban.

According to the DCI website and social media accounts, Elias Kiptum, is part of an international conspiracy ring to discredit Kenyan sports.

Kiptum is accused of developing false doping allegations against Kenyan athletes. He denied all 12 charges levelled against him, however, remains in custody pending a bail ruling scheduled for April 27.

The DCI claim that they found, during a raid at Kiptum’s residence, forged Athletics Kenya documents laptops, and “suspicious bank documents.”

This sounds like a conspiracy generated to save Kenya’s reputation of its growing doping crisis. If this was the film industry the project would be a B-cult classic in the making and waiting for funding (that never comes).

Currently, Kenya has the most suspended athletes out of all countries due to doping charges or whereabouts infractions and anomalies in blood values marked by the Athlete Biological Passport. Only Russia has more athletes unable to compete due to a national sporting ban.

More to come from this thriller.