Holland’s Femke Bol ran a world indoor 400-metre record to take gold at the 2024 Glasgow World Athletics Indoor Championships on Saturday. She clocked a 49.17 performance.

Bol blasted the first 200m in 23.55, a personal best for a first-half split in the event.

During the second lap on the track in the Emirates Arena, the 24-year-old continued to sprint with great composure. She ran with great form for the win and her third world record in the indoor 400m event.

“It’s a dream come true. I knew I was in good shape, but you can never predict a world record,” said the elated two-time European Athlete of the Year, knowing that she was also going to pocket a $50,000 world record bonus in addition to her $40,000 first prize.

“It was such a strong race, I knew I had to go out fast. My coach said to me “You can run faster,” but to be honest, I just wanted to win. This is great because I’ve not done hurdles for four weeks and it gives me confidence,” added Bol.

How good is Bol?

Bol currently holds nine, national, area or world records in the 500m, 400m hurdles, 400m, 300m hurdles and 4 x 400m indoors and outdoors. Her best event is the 400m hurdles. She holds the European record at 51.45.

Saturday’s performance lands her equal to the 71st fastest 400m outdoor time in history. Many of the times ahead of her are held by athletes with multiple performances. For example, 17 of the times were by Marita Koch of the former East Germany. Ten by Jarmila Kratochvílová of the former Czecholslovakia.

At age 24, Bol has already earned two gold and two silver medals in the world championships, Olympic bronze. She also owns one gold and two silver from the world indoor championships. Also, four European Championships gold and 19 Diamond League wins.

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