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First, it was the Australian state of Victoria that withdrew from the 2026 Commonwealth Games, and then the Canadian province of Alberta did the same for 2030. Vic and Alberta are home to the very sport-oriented cities of Melbourne and Edmonton and Calgary, respectively. Also Hamilton, Ontario in Canada said “no” to 2030. The escalating costs were just too much to bear.

Now Australia’s Gold Coast has followed suit.

Gold Coast is a city in Queensland, Australia.

The state of Queensland offered to host, but only if the federal government helped cover the expenses. On Sunday, Mayor Tom Tate announced that his attempt to “save the Games,” was over.

“We did our best, and that’s all people can expect,” he said. “Unfortunately, at the same time, our country’s reputation as a place that reneges on a global sports contract remains in tatters,” he added. 

Quite the opposite, the reputation is intact for pulling out of the 2026 Games.

The only option now for Australia is Sydney in the province of New South Wales. Otherwise, the Commonwealth Games committee must look elsewhere.

Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) currently has no bids for either the 2026 or 2030 Games.

CGF CEO Craig Phillips said Australia has not entirely given up on being 2026 hosts, but added organizers should explore other avenues. “We have indicated they would have our support in doing that.

“It’s our preference to host here and we will keep going while we think we have got options to explore.

“But if they have a better option, then they should seriously consider it.”